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The Camellia Campaign
The time to change the future for women and girls of color is now. Your investment in our Annual Giving Campaign will allow us to directly support organizations led by (or serving) Southern women of color and enable them to galvanize their own fundraising efforts, amplifying their voices and changing their futures.

Addressing racial and gender equity

The Women’s Foundation of the South (WFS) is the first public foundation of its kind, guided by and working for womxn* and girls of color in the Southern United States. WFS is led by experienced grantmakers of color and raises funds and leverages resources for nonprofit organizations and small businesses that are operated by and serve womxn and girls of color in the American South.

WFS addresses racial and gender equity at its root by shifting philanthropic resources to the womxn of color who daily demonstrate powerful leadership and problem-solving despite centuries of abuse, injustice, and exploitation. By intentionally shifting the focus in philanthropy to support womxn and girls of color, WFS is building a South in which families experience optimal health outcomes, accumulate wealth, and dictate the conditions for their success across three generations.

By 2026, WFS’ funding footprint will span thirteen states in the South, the region where womxn and girls of color receive the least amount of philanthropic dollars and investment capital. It is our goal to change the economic trajectory of at least 2.5 million womxn and girls of color by 2031 – shifting philanthropy in the South.

*the use of “womxn” includes trans womxn and gender non-conforming people.