Women’s Foundation of the South began its Camellia Campaign in 2021, its inaugural year, in recognition of how women and girls of color, especially those from low-income backgrounds, are in crisis; COVID-19 has exacerbated racial disparities in health and economic prosperity.

The time to change the future for women and girls of color is now, and we urgently need support. The Camellia Campaign has evolved into our annual giving campaign, run at the end of the calendar year.

During this end of year campaign, we encourage our supporters and other individuals to donate. Their investment will allow us to directly support organizations led by (or serving) Southern women of color and enable them to galvanize their own fundraising efforts, amplifying their voices and changing their futures. It is our goal to change the economic trajectory of at least 2.5 million women and girls of color by 2031, and together, we can jumpstart this important work. The Camellia Campaign encourages all of us to give women and girls of color a fighting chance during the holiday season!