Women’s Foundation of the South began its Camellia Campaign in 2021, in our inaugural year, when it was clear that the impact of COVID-19 had exacerbated racial and gender disparities in health and economic prosperity for women and girls of color.

We know that every economic challenge in our country leads to greater negative impact for those most vulnerable. In just 2 years, WFS has committed more than a million dollars in programming and investments in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia. We’re preparing to expand to other Southern states, and we ask you to continue to help us grow.

Your gift to our Camellia Campaign gives WFS even greater freedom as we invest in women and girls of color and it positions us in a unique way to stand up for and stand with women leaders in some of the fiercest battles of our time.

The time to give is now! Your investment helps us amplify women’s voices and support organizations led by or serving Southern women of color as they galvanize their own fundraising efforts to change the future for good.